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AgedBlood FX

Samantha Mileski

Special Effects Makeup Artist

Samantha Mileski NY 10950 | Phone: 860-861-3738 | Email:


I am seeking a position that will allow me to utilize my skills, talents, and credentials.



Foam and gelatin appliances

Scenic design,

painting and airbrushing

SFX and Cosmetic Makeup

Hair punching/ ventilating

Large scale fabrication/mold making Fiberglass, stone and silicone mold making and casting Prop fabrication


Teeth and eye fabrication


Scenic Painting


2018 Douglas Education Center (Tom Savini's Special Effects Program) - Monessen, PA Associate in Specialized Business Degree Program in Special Effects Makeup


2017 Word of Life Bible Institute - Pottersville, NY Certificate in Bible studies and education



FX Mentee

Two month mentorship program with Mike Mekash who is most known for his makeup on American Horror Story. 20 people from the country selected to participate in the mentorship program of 2020. Based on skill, talent and dedication.

Head HMU and SFX

"Instagays" drama short

blood splatter

beauty glam

Head Makeup Artist

"The Love Plays" theatre production

drag makeup- Dolly Parton look 

stipple beard- western look

Head SFX Artist- Prosthetic Design

"Croix"- vampire HBO horror series

Torn up torso

Severed head, arm and ripped up torso prop

Blood effects

Hair and makeup

Head SFX Artist

"MIDNIGHT Mayhem-" HBO Horror Series

Prosthetic props, heads, limbs


SFX Artist and Prosthetics Artist

"Within the Skin"- horror Feature Film

Prosthetics- monster design

Blood effects

SFX Artist

"Italian Brothers"- Crime, police feature film

Squib gunshot effects

Prosthetic wounds

Head Special Effects Artist

"Anomaly"- Horror Feature Film

Award winning director-Terry Wickman

Prosthetic design

Hair and makeup

Ghost-creature design

SFX Artist

"Marlow"- Horror Short film

Blood effects

Squibs,wounds and prosthetics design

SFX Artist

"Damaged"- Horror Short Film

Slit throat blood effect/squib


SFX Artist

"Focal Point"- Drama Short Film

Blood effects

Head SFX Artist

"An Angry Boy" horror feature film

Featuring Eric Roberts

Legs get ripped off

Squib effects and bladders

Prosthetic heavy throughout the film

Hanging eye ball

SFX Artist

"GoodLok"- drama short film

Bruising, prosthetic wounds

Makeup Artist

"The Gallerist" Black and White Film

80's style makeup

Hair styling

Set Decorator

LG Commercial "Tone Headphones"

Set decorating, wardrobe, sourcing, hair and makeup

Makeup artist/Hair

"Projections" music video for

Kate Brunotta

SFX Artist-Prosthetics Artist

"Summer in Brooklyn"- music video for


Fat suits

Fat face prosthetics, hair punching

Prosthetics design

SFX Makeup Artist

"Hunters" horror feature film

Creature design

Wounds, injury's, gun shot wounds with squib

Blood effects and custom prosthetics

Tentacles showing through skin

SFX Makeup Artist and HMU

"Hello World" Si-fi feature

Animatronic robot makeup

SFX Makeup Artist

"Internal Affairs" short crime film

Bruising, Victim of abuse

Punctured head and gash

Broken nose

Scenic Artist/Art Department

"The Way Out" horror feature

Set decorating

Blood splatter

Bedroom and living room sets

SFX Makeup Artist

"Project VR" short horror

Gouged out eyes

Custom Prosthetics

Camera ready makeup

Special Effects Makeup

221 Films- "Cryptid" -Feature Film (March 2021)

Monster Makeup

Wounds, Prosthetics

Monster Suit

Blood bladders and blood gags

Beauty Makeup

"The Gallerist"- Black and White Film

50's type makeup


Screen ready makeup

Special Effects Makeup

Laughing Hoarse Productions- "Eleos"- Feature Film

Wound Prosthetic

Crying effects and sweat

Blood Gags

Beauty Makeup

Laughing Hoarse Productions- "I think I see God in the window"- short film

Crying effects


Screen ready makeup



Razor Productions (September - January 2021)

Sculpt custom Chia Pets for a marketing Campaign

Ceramic work, slip casting 

Mass Produce Chia Pets in a timely manner before deadline

Special Effects Makeup Artist

USC And NYU Independent Film

Born Under Punches Film (November 2021)

Apply simple prosthetics on professional boxers for film

Bruise, broken nose, broken rib makeup

Prop Fabricator

Confidential Movie Release/Independent

Manhattan, NY

Custom props




Scenic Painter/Set Design

Pure Terror Theme Park/Haunted House

Monroe, NY

Set design and fabrication

Scenic Artist

SFDS Inc-Brooklyn, NY

(current- freelance)

Scenic painting


Foam fabrication


FX Makeup Artist

13 Hours Haunted House- Wharton, NJ

(2020 season)

Haunt Makeup

Scare actor



Head of Paint Department

Scenario Custom Scenary- Atlanta, GA

(May 2019- 2020)



Lead painter

Scenic Artist

Hudson Scenic (current- freelance)

Scenic artist




Set Design/FX Makeup

Draekul Films- Atlanta, GA (July 2019)

Air Brush

Body wounds and gun shot wounds

Airless and latex gun


Makeup Artist CCAC

Film Production -Pittsburgh, Pa (September 2018)

Apply prosthetics

Beauty Makeup


Performance Actress/ Makeup artist

Dark Manor Haunted House – Baltic, CT (October 2014-2017)

Apply silicone appliances

Apply latex and cotton

Costume fabrication


Makeup Artist

Renaissance Hotel – Pittsburgh, PA (October 2018)

Airbrush makeup

Head pieces

Prosthetics Gel



Makeup Artist/ Air Brush

Monroeville Mall- Monroeville, PA (June 2018)

Zombie makeup



Face Painter

BNY- Bank of New York – Pittsburgh, PA (December 2018)

Design Face Paintings

Kids Face Paint

Set Design/Performance Actress/ Makeup Artist

L.U.N.C.H – Mystic, CT (2014-2017)

Design costumes or cosmetic effects for characters.

Order materials, supplies, or equipment.

Select desired makeup shades from stock, or mix oil, grease, and coloring to achieve specific color effects.



TGI Fridays – Greensburg, PA (August 2017-2019)

Clean station

Good Customer Service

Organization Skills 

Polite and respectful

Maturity under all circumstances


Mike Mekash - ( 8 1 8 ) 2 0 5 - 7 7 5 8 -Mentor

Jerry Gergely - ( 4 1 2 ) 6 0 7 - 1 2 8 4 - Instructor/Advisor


Shawn Ronzio-( 72 4 ) 3 2 0 - 7 0 0 7 - Instructor/ Advisor

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